Visiting an Escort for the First Time

Visiting an Escort for the First Time
Many of my clients are worried about the possibility of being found out when they first visit an escort. This is especially true of guys visiting an escort for the first time. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that they can do to make sure their potentially dangerous liaisons remain a secret.
Here are just a few of top discretion tips when visiting an escort:
Always Be Polite When Visiting an Escort for the First Time
While it’s no guarantee of discretion, making sure you treat your chosen escort with respect should be top of your list. After all, we’re human beings and not objects. Most good escorts, myself included, will make every effort to ensure discretion when meeting up with a client. It’s a good idea to listen to their advice if you want to maintain your anonymity.
The chances are your escort will have their own secret life to protect as well – there are many girls out there who work as escorts and don’t tell their friends or family about it.

Choose a Good Location
When visiting an escort, you want to be sure the place you are choosing is safe and secure. Some guys are happy to visit the escorts flat or home where they have set up business, others prefer to choose a neutral location such as a hotel.

Use Anonymous Email Accounts
You want to limit communication as much as possible, especially if you are having regular visits to the same escort. It’s easy nowadays to create anonymous email accounts and contact your escort that way when you want to meet up. They make it simpler to keep your private life hidden.

Get an Extra Phone
Another solution is to get a spare, prepaid phone (so it doesn’t leave a paper trail) that you can use for the purpose of contacting escorts.
This can be kept in a safe place for when you need it and means you don’t have to worry about someone calling or texting an escort on your main device.

Delete Your Browser History
Most people search for escorts online nowadays so that browser history is all important. Make sure every time you do a search, you then delete your browser history, especially if you are using a work or home computer.
While it may seem fun at the time, try to resist the urge to take selfies and other images with your escort, even if you have a separate mobile service. You can find out a few more tips about privacy by reading our article on top secret escorts.

Pay in Cash
With all the different ways of paying for services nowadays, it can be tempted to use something digital.
I always advise my clients to pay in cash when it comes to our meetings as this is the easiest way to conceal payments. I have met plenty of guys that have thought they could pay by Credit Card when visiting an escort for the first time.
Some people go even further and pay cash for everything, for example, if we’re going out for a meal or when filling up with gas at the local station.

After Care
I always advise my clients to shower after we’ve spent some time together. It’s amazing how easily perfume gets on clothes. That includes checking collars for those tell-tale signs such as lipstick or foundation.
A quick check can save a lot of embarrassment and the need to explain to a curious spouse. There are plenty more ways for clients to keep their visit to an escort discreet and I’m always happy to talk to them about these. Most of it is a case of being diligent and making sure that there’s no evidence trail to follow.
There’s no doubt that a little bit of common sense will keep you safe while you have your fun. If you are visiting an escort for the fist time, take the stress out of your experience and follow these simple guidelines.
In all honesty, you simply need to treat her well.

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