Independent Escorts OR Agency Escorts


Independent Escorts OR Agency Escorts

Deciding whether to enter the Adult Industry as Independent Escorts OR Agency Escorts is often clouded with worry and questions.

Marketing. Finances. Safety…. these cause a lot of people considering a career as an Independent Escort in Australia to freeze..

This blog hopefully makes it easier for you to choose an Independent Escorts OR Agency Escorts career, before you create an ad on

1. Ask Yourself An Important Question.

Before you decide whether to sign with an agency or go solo, you should ask yourself these important questions.

Start by making a list of both your weaknesses and strengths. Are you a good administrator of your own finances, time, and whatnot? Do you know how to market yourself? Can you be available 24/7 and reply to text messages or emails as they come?

Another aspect to keep in mind when asking yourself these important Sex Worker questions is; are you an extrovert who loves to meet new people and make new friends? Do you know how to calm nervous customers? If you answer yes to all of these questions, then you’ll be a great Independent Escort in Australia.

On the topic of finances, if you decide to become an independent escort and try only in-calls, you should know that they require you to maintain, source, and budget stuff like toiletries, sheets, cleaning, rental costs, and everything else that goes into an in-call place.

If you decide to provide out-calls instead, you need to think whether you have the money to book a hotel and if it is going to be worth it in the long run, just like with in-calls.

We recommend that anyone considering a career as an Independent Sex Worker take care of themselves first before trying to enter the industry to avoid any unnecessary stress and risks which can be avoided. Safety is very important to us at LuckyAd Escorts and Massages.

2. Be Up To Date With Legal Matters

When you decide to become an independent escort, you need to know all about local laws regarding your job. Because if you don’t, you can end up in serious trouble and in some cases jail. In Australia, in some cities and states Sex Work is not yet de-criminalised so it is important to investigate if Sex Work is legal for you before starting a career as Sex Workers in Australia.

In some states across Australia (such as Melbourne, Victoria) a license is required known as an SWA in order to advertise and offer Adult Entertainment Services (sexual, massage etc.) and there are serious fines and jail time if you do not have your licenses in order.

We also recommend that when entering a career as an escort, you consider seeking accounting support in order to maintain your financial stability and understand what you need to make in terms of money to keep your self employment an enjoyable one without any risk of bankruptcy.

3. Screen Your Clients Carefully

At LuckyAd we encourage our advertisers to screen their clients and enquiries carefully. As far as safety goes, there are so many aggressive people out there, that avoiding them must be top priority; to stay safe as well as maintain you sanity working as an Independent Sex Worker.

We encourage every Sex Worker in Australia to ask for your clients real name, phone number and work number, home address, and real photos because this will make it easy for you to spot scammers and time-wasters, because the good clients will always give you all the info you need.

However, this means that you’ll waste a lot of time checking things are OK with potential customers. An agency will do all of this behind the scenes and you just turn up ready for a booking. Also, other escorts will tell the agency with about clients they’ve already been booked by them at some point.

4. Ready to promote yourself?

Now if you are ready to promote yourself – awesome! You have come to one of the best places to advertise yourself as an Independent Sex Worker in Australia, whether you are a Male Escort in Australia, Female Escort in Australia, Transgender Escort in Australia or a Gay Escort in Australia LuckyAd Escorts and Massages is here to help.

Being an independent provider is all about marketing yourself.

This means lots of time, know-how, and money. You will have to create and regularly update your own website with new stuff, write new posts on all your social media accounts, upload photos (or hire a pro to do it, so consider a generous budget for that), and so on. Building an escort brand is very important when you go solo. You won’t have these problems when you’re in an agency.

At LuckyAd we are proud to have over 900 visitors to our website every day looking for Independent Escorts OR Agency Escorts to book Australia-Wide and 20,000 visitors every month! So when you create your escort ad with us; you are guaranteed a head-start in getting new client enquiries!

We recommend when looking around for an Escort Directory to advertise with that you check to see how many people visit their website every day (and monthly); then consider if it is work the price they are going to charge you for advertising.

5. Stay safe

Do you have a close friend you can call if things go wrong? If not, consider working with an Escort Agency in Australia or Licensed Brothel in Australia. You will have one or more security friends you can lean on to stay safe at all times.

Most often then not, many independent escorts don’t tell their family and friends about their job, so in case of something bad happening, they won’t have anyone to contact.

At LuckyAd we ensure the safety of escorts who choose to Advertise With Us, by providing them with the opportunity to contact our team for support and to report fake advertisements and prospective clients who contact them via our website so we can alert and keep our advertisers safe.

6. Make a list of services and prices

If you haven’t thought about this yet, now’s the time to do it. Do you want to cater to a niche or not really? Write down what you’re willing to do with a client and what you’d rather not.

Be honest about your likes and dislikes, don’t make it sound like you’re a nymphomaniac when in real life you’re not. You’ll only make your client(s) disappointed.

Moving on, consider the prices you’d like to charge. Are you willing to invest time into studying the average market rate or would you rather someone else did it for you? An agency will help you considerably.

7. Think about your income

Many independent escorts have to take another job until they build a solid reputation in the Adult Industry as a Trusted and Professional Independent Escort in Australia so think this through.

We have seen and heard many stories about people who have not correctly thought out whether they are want to be an Independent Escorts OR Agency Escorts start working as independent escorts go into serious money problems because they did not think and carefully plan their Sex Workers in Australia career.

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