How to Find the Female G Spot

Female G-Spot 101 

The “Grafenberg Spot,” or what is more popularly known as the G spot, was first discovered by German doctor, Ernst Grafenberg in the fifties. It is actually a spongy tissue that is located on the vagina’s inner wall. For the women who already have discovered their own G spot, it is considered their pleasure zone. Most people think that it is a myth since they have not found it. However, each woman has her own G spot. It is however a bit complicated to identify, and the response to sexual stimulation among women differ.

Because of the fact that a lot of women are not believers of the existence of the G spot, there are a lot of myths that surround this mysterious gland, along with the idea that locating the G spot of a woman is the sole technique of inducing an orgasm. This is untrue. As a matter of fact, women are able to achieve orgasms by stimulating the clitoris, the vagina, or the breasts. Still another false theory is that women who do not achieve orgasms through the stimulation of their G spot could have medical problems. Actually, there are different responses to stimulation of the G spot.

Understanding the G Spot 

Every woman has a G spot in her body. The female G spot has a similar structure and functions much like a man’s prostrate. As a matter of fact, the male prostate is frequently referred to as a male Gspot since the stimulation of the prostate can result in great sexual pleasure. The prostate is stimulated only through a man’s rectum. The G spot is just one of many glands that are positioned on a woman’s vaginal wall. It could also surround the opening of the urethra and takes the role of the prostate, ejaculating fluid when it is sexually stimulated. It is located around two inches starting from the opening of the vagina. To find it, you will need to insert your middle or index finger inside the vagina. When you have reached around two inches on the opening, you will need to curve your finger to the direction of your belly button. Feeling the Gspot with your finger, it is somewhat as big as a quarter and feels a bit rougher than other vaginal tissue. It is comprised of several nerve endings along with numerous blood vessels. These vessels become blood-engorged when aroused, and are the reasons that a G spot is able to produce highly intense orgasms.
As soon as the G spot is located, it can be stimulated by a man through movements of his finger in small circular motions. The initial stimulation may cause a woman to feel a strong and urge to urinate. However, this sensation passes after a short while and could be replaced by feelings of pleasure and arousal. Even if women in general are able to experience the feeling of stimulation on the G spot, their responses could vary. While some women may have an orgasm by stimulating the G spot alone, other women may not. There are those who experience intense orgasms through a mixture of G spot as well as clitoral stimulation, while others could have the same intensity orgasms during intercourse in certain positions that arouse the G spot. Then there are those who do not find the stimulation of their G spots enjoyable for the most part. For women who do experience orgasm from this type of stimulation, they claimed that it is quite different from orgasms from clitoral stimulation. The reason most probably lies in the fact that nerves that supporting the woman’s G spot are completely different from those that are meant for the clitoris or the vulva. It gives support to the hypothesis that the woman’s G spot is a pathway that is totally separated for orgasm. People believe that a G spot must be considered as another way to provide women sexual pleasure in the sexual act. Every woman will respond differently, and every couple has to try and find out how the elusive spot figures into their most intimate life. Theoretically, a woman must learn how to take pleasure in G spot stimulation though someone who is already satisfied with her personal sex life would probably not see why she has to work on anything that does not really give her pleasure, initially at least. 

About Female Ejaculation

Although all females do have G spots, it is estimated that 10-20% of females are able to experience ejaculation. G spots do not have to be stimulated in order for an ejaculation to happen, although some women claim that their very first experience with ejaculation was a result of G spot stimulation. Responses vary, starting from a very light sprinkle up to a great gush of large quantities of fluid. Studies show that a lot of women feel like they have to urinate prior to ejaculation, though the fluid is certainly not urine. It does not also come from what is referred to as a “Bartholin” gland that is responsible for producing the milky and odorless discharge, which serves as a lubricant for the vagina during sexual arousal. It is recognized today that the distinction between a woman who spurts out liquid and one who doesn’t is on the amount and the particular size of her pariurethral glands. These glands are equivalent to the numerous tiny glands constituting the prostate gland of a man, which is responsible for about 15-50% of fluid he would ejaculate. The false theories that ejaculation with females are caused by the improper function of her bladder, or an excessive secretion sweating from her vaginal walls, including powerful pools located behind the vagina that spurts out when muscles contract during an orgasm, has already been established as untrue. A lot of women have thought it to be abnormal in the past years, which is why they have to either avoid it or hide it completely. It has now been established by studies that have been conducted among women, that one in five women does ejaculate by means of her urethra, and not her vagina. This could happen sometimes, but not all of the time.
To stimulate your Gspot is to be able to produce female ejaculation as well as deep contractions of the uterus. It has been said that a woman’s response to the direct stimulation of her G spot is the same as a man’s response to prostate stimulation. There is an initial need to urinate, a sensation that lasts a few seconds, before the feeling of sexual enjoyment begins. Women who have PC muscles that are well toned are also a lot more inclined to experience an ejaculation as well as enjoy much better orgasms. Ejaculations come easier with a lot of women once they have already gone through some orgasms. With others, ejaculation may occur on the first orgasm. A common factor appears to be intense arousal together with the stimulation of the G spot and the clitoris for a longer period of time. A lot of porn movies as well as erotic reading material show that a man’s ejaculation may actually shoot out. In reality however, at least 75% of males ejaculate semen that is pushed out with minimal force so that the liquid secreted does not go a great distance past the penile tip. In other words, a lot of males ooze out rather than spurt. The semen does not actually shoot out, but dribbles instead. In the same manner, when the female secretes liquid besides urine coming from the urethra, it need not squirt in order for it to be recognized as an ejaculation. Since women have hardly taken notice of it because of the fact that it does not come out as a strong spurt, it may contribute to them reporting that they have never experienced an ejaculation.

Differentiating Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasms

The distinction between vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms can be found on which is being stimulated in order to experience an orgasm, rather than where an orgasm is actually felt. The clitoris plays a key part in increasing the sensation of sexual arousal. During the period of clitoral stimulation, the clitoris becomes swollen and shifts its position. Blood vessels that surround the whole pelvic area swell up as well, which cause the engorgement and the feeling of fullness as well as sexual sensitivity. The internal vaginal lips become swollen and the shape changes. The vagina then balloons in an upward direction, while the uterus changes its position within the pelvis. There are some women whose outer parts of the vagina and cervix are extremely sensitive too, sometime a lot more sensitive than their clitoris. Stimulating these particular areas during the act of intercourse, or any other type of penetration to the vagina could produce very strong orgasms. This is called the vaginal orgasm with no stimulation to the clitoris. According to Sigmund Freud, mature women can only experience orgasms when the vagina, including the clitoris, is provided with stimulation. This means that the male penis plays a central role in generating sexual satisfaction. This has of course been proven wrong as well. Penetration into a woman’s vagina is not a requirement to achieve a good orgasm. The G spot stimulation can also cause orgasmic contractions in this area with success, found several inches on top of the pelvis. 

The Health Benefits of Female Orgasms

Orgasms are not only considered to be the ultimate climax of sexual pleasure, they do offer a lot of health benefits too. One of the best things a good orgasm can give is relieve stress. When the heart beats faster during sex, there is also an increase in the flow of blood while the muscles tighten up. This comes to a conclusion brought about by an orgasm, which releases tensions that are pent up within the nervous system. Orgasms are also a great aid in being able to sleep a lot better. As the male is orgasm is preceded by an abrupt drop in his blood pressure, as well as immediate relaxation, it has a more progressive effect on women, though it is not by any means less important. An orgasm is like a natural anesthetic. When endorphins are released, the effect can be extremely calming. Additionally, an orgasm can lessen one’s cravings for unhealthy junk food. It can also lessen the urge to smoke cigarettes. Sexual stimulation triggers the generation of phenetylamine that is a type of amphetamine, which regulates the appetite. Orgasms can burn calories too. Finally, an orgasm works on naturally managing pain. People have found that headaches and menstrual cramps can disappear during masturbation or while indulging in sex. Endorphins, which are natural compounds quite similar to morphine, would be released from the body when one is having sex and increases a person’s tolerance to pain to about 70% when experiencing an orgasm. This of course, varies among different people. G Spot Stimulation Tips 
Before a man tries to stimulate your gspot, it may be necessary to stimulate the woman’s clitoris first, as a sort of warming up. This will also prepare her before her partner goes directly for the spot, allowing her to get more aroused and lubricated in the process, and make it easier for her to achieve an orgasm. Nevertheless, too much stimulation to the clitoris can make it more sensitive, so communication is necessary as well. Both partners must also be comfortable and the male partner must be able to use his hand easily as this process could take a bit of time. A recommendation is that both be very stable, as the pleasure derived from stimulation could cause both partners to lose control. It is a good idea to lie beside the woman while she is flat on her back and make use of the strongest arm to provide stimulation. The “doggie” style is a good position too. The male partner must then rub his bent finger around the G spot starting lightly and slowly before building up to a stronger level, without being rough. Again, communication is necessary so that the woman may be able to let her partner know what she is most comfortable with. Prolonged foreplay can be a prelude to a huge orgasm but it is just as important to know if the woman is experiencing the sexual pleasure the male is hoping to provide.
Discovering the woman’s G spot may very well be the beginning of highly satisfying sex, not only for the female but for her male partner as well. A bedroom players guide may sometimes be necessary. The important thing to remember is that communication while having sex is the key to providing each other with great pleasure.

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