I tend to prefer fucking men who are known to be more promiscuous, mostly because there’s the shared experience of promiscuity, and also a guy who has fucked a lot of people is more likely to be knowledgeable on things like the location of the clitoris, STDs, consent and how to properly execute anal sex. Which isn’t meant as a diss towards the less sexually affluent men among us; it’s more about statistical analysis than prude shaming. I mean, doesn’t it make sense? If a guy has fucked a lot of women, he probably has a range of experiences from which to draw, and in summation those experiences will make him a better lover? Wrong.

Unfortunately, it has come time for me to dispel a common myth about my fellow sluts and players. Just because someone’s dick has been inside hundreds of pussies doesn’t necessarily make him a better lover. I know this from personal experience. Promiscuity doesn’t necessarily speak to sexual ability, although it does speak to an understanding of game, which at times can be predatory and at other times it’s an absolute art form. A man can jack hammer his way through six hundred girls just as easily as a woman can pillow queen her way through hundreds of sexual encounters. Having sex doesn’t automatically give someone a better grasp of communication, emotion or sexuality. It just means that person was motivated enough to have that many sexual experiences, and while a large number of sexual experiences doesn’t necessarily quantify someone’s moral compass or emotional capacity, it likewise does not indicate sexual prowess.

This has to do with conscientious promiscuity. If someone approaches their sexual encounters without any self awareness, sexual

awareness or desire to learn, that someone might find themselves refusing to eat pussy time and time again, not figuring out the art of penetration over and over, and always looking slightly over the left shoulder during four to six minutes of missionary sex – hundreds of times. While each sexual encounter may be different, sexual growth and emotional growth are not implied hallmarks of promiscuity. However, sexual and emotional growth can be a formative aspect of promiscuity if you’re doing it right. Sexual and emotional growth can be a formative aspect of less frequent sexual encounters, too. It’s all about how you approach it. If you’re learning from your sexual experiences – regarding such things as how to have a better orgasm, how to give a better orgasm, how to protract sexual pleasure, how to communicate effectively, how to explore different aspects os sexuality – then bingo. This can take one partner or it can be learned over the course of hundreds of partners. What matters is that you’re learning (if that’s what you’re into).

It’s different for every person. Some people are naturals and make excellent partner selections every time, enabling them to enter sexually satisfying relationships on a consistent basis. Other people learn better through noncommital, short term, experimental relationships. Other people suck in bed, and there’s no amount of sex that can change that. Although, sucking in bed is a subjective assessment, so maybe it’s more like some people don’t know what they’re doing and still don’t know how to enjoy themselves regardless of the number of sexual encounters they have. Sucks for them.

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