Anticipation & Knowing is Such a Thrill

There is a thrill that comes with anticipation and knowing what is about to happen when you book an Australian Independent Escort on LuckyAd. His first twitch is always the best. It’s that electrical snap when my touch meets his bare skin for the first time.

It’s the quivering when his chest expands and contracts as my tongue dances and teases up and down.

Soon he can’t hold back. There are moans and groans as his body begins to arch up off the bed. His hips surge forward against my lips, his manhood diving deeper into my mouth. I get excited knowing that his fingers are gripped tight to the bed sheets as he edges closer and closer to his eruption. It’s the delicate dance I lead him on, knowing when he needs dreamy and slow…and when he craves hard, fast and sloppy.

It’s me knowing that my voice from down below will send him over the edge, even if it is just a hum…or perhaps a little moan.

There is a thrill in knowing how he will shake, spasm and push against my tongue. And how he calms, settles and whimpers when I pull away.

There is such a thrill in doing these things to him.

But the biggest thrill of all is knowing that he is waiting for me to do it to him again. If you are interested in your next thrill, why not take a look at the escorts available in your city here on LuckyAd, home of Adult Services and Independent Escorts in Australia.

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