Why Escorts Do Not Threaten Marriage

Why Escorts Do Not Threaten Marriage


Here is why Escorts do not Threaten Marriage in Australia!  It isn’t news that most clients who seek escorts are married. Some are even happily married, you might be surprised to find out, but for various reasons, the love and passion have dimmed in the marriage and both partners find themselves forced to look for it elsewhere

But note:  There is no one reason for which a man, who is married, will seek an escort. Each situation is unique and should be treated as such.

At LuckyAd we think about such a scene like this: a married client meeting a companion and then going home, our minds come up with all sorts of negative situations. Will they argue if the partner finds out? Will they get a divorce? What will the children think? What will their friends and family believe? How far will the feeling of treachery extend? There’s no one answer because there is no one situation but if there’s anything society has taught us is that jealousy is an ugly beast and that no one’s coming out happy from of this.

We want to dedicate this article to the partners and couples in Australia and show them why escorts are not a threat at all – quite the contrary.

Escorts Are NOT “The Other Man or Woman”

They’re not seeing your partner because they are interested in them. It is merely a business transaction. If anything, they’re actually keeping your partners distracted enough to not think about finding another man or woman and, in a twisted way, actually keeping your marriage intact.

Okay, we’ll agree, it’s probably not the desired situation, but it’s better than your husbands taking a mistress.

Cool It. Jealousy Is A Monster!

When you suspect or find out your partner is seeing an escort, rage and jealousy are the instinctive feelings. However, we suggest you to take a deep breath and consider the situation in all its details.

Firstly, were you having problems sexually as a couple, for example? Lack of sexual satisfaction leads to marriages breaking up most of the times, so if your partner is finding his satisfaction somewhere else, that might actually save the marriage.

If, however, you challenge your partner and appear frustrated by the situation, that’s the real thing that will ruin your relationship – the added guilt.

Why Are You Having Difficulty Sexually?

Are you just not that attracted to each other anymore? It happens to a lot of couples and that’s not something you can easily change. Or perhaps you just never could offer your partner everything he wanted? If they are getting their fetish fix somewhere else, you should be glad, not feeling threatened.

It takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders, when you have open discussion with your partner about each others needs and desires sexually, so you can accommodate these and set some ground rules for comfortability.

Please Don’t Get Angry At The Escort.

Drama’s the last thing any Australian Independent Escort or Adult Services Provider is looking for. Instead, think about ways in which you could actually turn the situation around. Don’t argue, don’t threaten, don’t get back, don’t get even! Instead, propose to your partner that you both see the escort together.

There are many companions who organise couple sessions and the newfound intimacy and experience will be amazing, trust us at LuckyAd Escorts and Massages – we hear about the magic from our advertisers!

It could actually bring you and your partner closer together!

We hope we have helped you understand why escorts do not threaten marriage in Australia and relationships and encourage you to explore and meet with our Australian Escorts and Adult Service Providers here at LuckyAd Escorts and Massages.

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We hope that we have helped you understand why Escorts Do Not Threaten Marriage. If you have concerns or you need to talk things through we think that is a very healthy decision to make for the benefit of your relationship with your partner. Do not be afraid to start that conversation with the person you love.

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