Is It Safe To Have Sex With Escorts?

Is It Safe To Have Sex With Escorts?

Is It Safe To Have Sex With Escorts?


Is It Safe To Have Sex With Escorts? At Lucky Ad Escorts and Massages, it is no secret that many people who visit our website are looking to hire a professional escort or adult service because they want to try something new, something that they cannot do with their girlfriends and wives – or they are just afraid to ask.

If you have ever been in a similar situation, it is okay to admit that your mind wondered over to considering having sex with an Escort. You may have also considered having sex with or without a condom too. The excitement we seek of doing something that other people may not approve, is why most people are attracted to escort services.

So a question we are asked commonly by people who book an Escort in Australia “is it safe to sleep with an escort”? And so we have a couple of points to help you feel more at ease when you are considering booking an Escort on Lucky Ad.



If you asked any escort, most of them will tell you that they prefer to practice safe sex when they are working with their clients, then in real life (if they have a partner), no matter how promiscuous they might be in their personal lives.

In Australia there is a national body called SWOP (Sex Worker Outreach Project) who provides guidance to escorts on safety at work when meeting with clients for sex, advising them on where to check for issues with clients when it comes to hygiene and safety. You can check out exactly what escorts are looking for here:

As such, Independent Sex Workers in Australia live by the same checking protocols as they do for their clients to ensure that they are staying safe so they can continue to work as a sex-worker without any issues or losing clients because of compromised health.



 In fact, most escorts and brothel managers we have spoken to tell us that the sex industry practices much safer sex than those who do not do it as a profession. If you do not believe us, here’s a little bit of legislation about safe sex practices for Sex Workers, Brothels and Adult Businesses in Australia:



Believe it or not?

You should believe it.

People tend to lie about not having an STI or an STD, even if they are dating someone, let’s face it most people deny that they are sexually at risk when they may be drunk or having too good of a time, thinking to themselves “…the risk cannot be that bad right? I don’t need to say anything because its curable?”

Note: that is not something we think to ourselves here at Lucky Ad, but we have been unfortunately on the receiving end of getting stuck with something we did not want or expect to catch from a casual encounter at a night club!

At Lucky Ad, we recommend to independent sex workers and to clients looking to book an escort or adult service, is to practice safe sex. The problem with STD’s and STI’s is that you can have unprotected sex, for months and believe you are safe – so we believe escorts and clients should take their health equally as seriously.



Have you ever read the back of the condom wrapper? Most condoms will say that 99% protection guaranteed from STI’s and STD’s. And not without reasons. In the instance a condom breaks, whether you are having sex with an escort or not – you could be at risk and you could be putting the escort at risk as well!

With all sexual engagements it is important to understand that there is always risk and there really is nothing you can do about it. We have even heard from many escorts in Australia who have been tricked by clients into having unprotected sex by quickly removing condoms during the doggy style position.

NOTE: Most escorts know what the feeling is like and are very attentive, if you try this sort of thing with an Escort in Australia expect to be up for attempted assault charges because they can report you for sexual assault as a result of forcing unsafe sex on them.


Closing Note…

At Lucky Ad we respect our escorts and our clients. We also expect every escort and every client to respect each other. The truth is out that escorts have more safe sex than people who do not work as sex workers. Sex is an Escorts job, health risk is always connected with business risk.

Our experience in the Adult Services Industry in Australia is that you are more likely to catch an infection or disease from someone who is not an escort, with people you are regular dating and one night stands.

Never treat an escort like a whore. They are highly talented professionals who take their health more seriously than most average people so if you equally respect each others safety, wellness and emotions – you will have an incredible safe experience together!

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