How To Book An Escort On Phone

How To Book An Escort On Phone


Here is how to book an escort on phone! Before you go and book an escort for the first time, you need to know how the process actually happens. It’s also very important to be aware of the fact that there are certain risks associated to meeting someone new. We’ll get this out of the way first.

Be Aware: do not be violent towards an Escort. They will call the police immediately and the police will always respond quickly in Australia.

At LuckyAd we are very protective of our advertisers to ensure they are safe when meeting with Clients and that Clients are having amazing times with Escorts who choose to advertise with us. So we encourage both Clients and Escorts to take care of themselves.

Clients and Escorts choose LuckyAd to ‘get lucky’ because our Escorts are real, they are very experienced and know how to work with Clients and ask they right questions as well as EVERY PHOTO is REAL. What You See Is What You Get at LuckyAd Escorts and Massages.

Now that we have set some ground rules when booking Escorts in Australia it is now time to organise that special date with the Escort or Adult Services Provider you have been dreaming of.

Have you already selected the one you like the most? Lucky you! You should be prepared to feel really embarrassed or awkward at first. That is, chances are you already know what we’re talking about.

If you don’t, get ready mentally. And remember to act as natural as you can, so the Escort on the other end of the phone doesn’t get weirded out.

Here are a couple of steps which will make it considerably easier for you guys when booking an Australian Escort over the telephone who advertises on LuckyAd Escorts and Massages.

1. Understand Laws.

Take a good look at the laws applicable where you live.

You must verify them a couple of times so that everything’s ok. It’s always bad if you break rules simply because you haven’t checked them thoroughly before booking a female escort for the first time in your life!

2.Take A Deep Breath, Stay Calm.

Take a good look at the laws applicable where you live.

Before the actual call happens, try and calm yourself first. Like we said, it’s always best to just be your usual self. Chances are, the Independent Australian Escort or Adult Services Provider of your choosing is equally nervous and anxious. If not, they will completely understand how you feel.

Remember that the Escort you are contacting was once a a beginner, too, before choosing escorting as a job. So they will not judge you on how shy you are. And they are also very human, too, just like you. In conclusion, try not to worry too much.

3. Double Check. Triple Check.

Go online and verify the service provider’s personal website (if they have one). In case they don’t, check the profile they has on the agency they are working with. Their ad will contain every bit of important information you need about said Australian Escort and Companion.

Their photo, what they are willing to do with a client, rates and other useful stuff are all there, waiting for you. And it’s a great way to see if you two match. This will save you from wasting your time or being rejected.

4. Pay Attention.

You need to pay attention to other info, as well. Such as the escort’s name (fake or real one), phone number, email address and so on. If you call an Australian Escort and ask them about their name and such, chances are very high they’ll ignore you or simply end the conversation.

So don’t be that client, ever!

Another equally important thing: a service provider has working hours on her ad or personal site. Remember to look at them before calling them and setting an appointment. Think it through a couple of times whether you want to have a blowup doll in your hands, a living escort who needs to be respected or you just wish to cheat on your cheating partner.

Most escorts will want to be treated well for other reasons than the above. We hope we have helped you understand how to book an Escort on Phone – now let’s begin your search:

At LuckyAd Escorts and Massages we aim to make the journey of exploration for you and your clients as easy as we can, by arranging each of our wonderful advertisers into these categories:

We also provide an extensive category for niche Adult Service Providers including:

We hope that these 7 things to never ask an Escort advice helps you in making the most out of your next encounter with an Independent Australian Escort. Browse our Escort and Adult Services Directory now.

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