8 Types Of Escorts in Australia

8 Types Of Escorts in Australia


There are 8 types of escorts in Australia and finding the right one for you might sound daunting. Just think really hard about what you are into – is it age, race, gender, personality, sex skills, and so on.

In a world full of choice and people with varying interests and sexual desires, Escorts in Australia have started providing different services to cater for everyone’s needs and wants; becoming whoever their customers wants them to be when they meet for that special time together.

At LuckyAd Escorts and Massages we aim to make this journey of exploration as easy as we can, by arranging our Australian Sex Workers into these categories:

We also provide an extensive category for niche Adult Service Providers including:

Then, we have Australian Escorts who take it one step further to provide unique experiences for customers who are looking for something a little more special and to their liking. We put together a list of eight escort types.

Girl-Next-Door (GND-GFE)

This kind of provider is the fantasy of many men and women. She doesn’t have inhibitions and she’s ready to try new things with you. This escort type exudes friendliness and she’s always great fun to be around.

Not only is she bubbly, but she’s also someone you can talk to about many things. The girl-next-door type is never in a bad mood. On the contrary: if you’ve had a stressful day at work, she’ll help you feel amazing in just a couple of minutes! She can be very feminine, but she’s not a sex machine. There are other provider types for that, like the next one on our list.

Pornstar (PSE)

Now this one is quite the sight, both in looks and expertise. Many escorts who offer PSE have dabbled in the adult industry. Then there are some who haven’t but love to watch adult movies, then try all those kinky positions with you. They invest in lip, boob, and booty jobs to attract the attention of customers who have a thing for super naughty performers.

This kind of provider is never shy when it comes to sex. You can ask for Greek, foursomes, the Pile Driver, fisting, and so many other services not offered by other escorts. You can practically go as wild as you want if the provider is OK with it.

The Intelligent

Are you interested in someone you can have a meaningful conversation with and no sex? This type of companion is perfect for you. She can be a former academic who switched professions or she can be someone who just likes to read a lot on different topics.

Even though this type of escort doesn’t have a lot of experience, she is a very quick learner. If you’re a businessman, you’ll love her.

MILF (Cougar)

Younger guys will get a kick out of this escort. She’s a classy mature woman who loves younger men and has lots of experience with them. The cougar of MILF type can satisfy every single fantasy, because nothing’s too hard or too awkward for her. This escort type likes to be in control and her confidence levels goes through the roof.

Reward her with expensive gifts and you’ll very soon become a favourite!

Naughty Nurse

Time to live out your nurse fantasy with this companion, ladies and gentlemen. Let her take care of you from head to toe in her sexy getup. You’ll get to enjoy extended checkups all over your body all night long. The nurse is also excellent at erotic massages. Her expert hands are soft and soothing, making her a great choice if you want to relax.

Discretion is always assured every time you’re alone with your naughty nurse. Get ready to feel calm and comfortable when the session’s up.

School Girl

The schoolgirl type is the girl you fantasised about in your younger days. She’s submissive and ready to become sweet and naïve to fulfil your most secret desires. She was made to satisfy you and she’ll let you take full control. The schoolgirl is coy and innocent and so much fun to be with.

Don’t expect to book someone who’s under 18 if want to try this type of provider. Usually, she’s a gorgeous girl who’s still in university or a fresh graduate.


If you’re a fan of BDSM, this companion is right up your alley. She loves to get down and dirty for you wearing latex and her tools of trade are chains, whips, features, and so much more.

The dominatrix likes to be in control and treat you like a slave who’s in need of immediate punishment. If you do what she says, you’ll enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

The Niche Provider

This is the kind of companion who’s ideal for fetishes. Have a thing for legs, lips, toes, or whatever? The niche escort is someone who’s heard all sorts of strange requests but is more than happy to give you what you crave.

Be ready to spend big bucks with her because fulfilling a fetish can be both mentally and time-consuming for her. It’s going to be worth it for you, though. Time to experiment to your heart’s desire with the niche provider!

Now you know the 8 types of Escorts in Australia and what to expect. So start your journey of exploration today on LuckyAd Escorts and Massages and discover the Independent Escort you’ve been looking for!

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