4 Foods You Should Not Eat Before Sex

Foods To Avoid Before Sex With An Australian Escort

At LuckyAd Escorts and Massages we know you love hot and steamy sessions in the bedroom, on the kitchen bench, the back seat or wherever your rendezvous takes you! In this blog we are sharing a list of the Top 4 Foods you should avoid if you want to enjoy the best sex of your life with an Independent Sex Worker in Australia.

1. Chilli

Chill is your enemy. So if you are dreaming of a romantically intimate date with a Male EscortFemale Escort or Transgender Escort in Australia; we suggest you think twice before ordering those spicy tacos .

One of the core ingredients in chilli, capsicum and peppers causes heavy sweating.  Whilst you want to enjoy getting hot ands sweaty with your Australian Escort we don’t want you to turn into a dripping mess!

2. Sweets and Lollies

Let’s face it, it is really hard to avoid those Krispy Kreme donuts at Seven Eleven, or those other cheeky sweet treats that are on special at Woolworths and Coles. Everything from cookies to cakes, chocolates to candies; the sugar found in these foods provides only a short burst of energy.

So if you want to be wide awake and ready for action, put that piece of cake down and thin about replacing it for of tea or an energy drink before your big big date with an Australian Escort on LuckyAd; otherwise you are going to fall tired very quickly with a post sugar crash.

Get Lucky Tip: whole grains, hummus and wheat crackers are a great burst of energy and while they are not sweet; they will give you a hit of energy that won’t knock you out before your sexy Australian Escorts arrive.

3. Alcohol and Coffee

Relaxation is commonly associated with an alcoholic drinks like a glass of Red or White wine, resulting in people to be more open with their conversation. We recommend you limit yourself to just one or two glasses as we this should give you the right mix of relaxed whilst ensuring your don’t fall asleep in the lap of an Australian Escort (or even worse, during your throw of passion!).

Coffee, whilst being a great stimulant can give you bad breath and they make your mouth feel dry so it’s not great for planning on a session involving a lot of french kissing (with tongue), so we recommend you stay away from coffee before your booking.

4. Fatty Foods, Dairy and Certain Vegetables

We are squeezing a few things together in this final point, however they should be foods to go without if you’re a punter looking for a luckier time with an Australian Escort (whether they are a Female EscortMale Escort or Transgender Escort).

Steaks, Burgers, Chips and everything else with a lot of fat will have you feeling tired and bloated so you will want sleep more then sex. Boo…. how boring!

Dairy products like milk, cheese or that tub of ice-cream you found too hard to put down earlier this evening, will have your breath and body giving off a sour scent – not sexy.

Last, but not least are troublesome foods such as Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale and every other bloody green vegetable with leaves. These vegetables can leave you a little gassy and we’re pretty certain most Independent Sex Workers won’t appreciate this so best to leave these vegetables for another day.

By simply avoiding just a few of these foods and drinks you’ll ensure you smell (and taste) great for your escort date.

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